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Louise Peters

First Class Annual Subscription prepay (OP)

Sherri Kirby

I love the convenience and the knowledge that I will receive all with having to worry about the next payment!

Thank you for the awesome review Sherri. We are glad to hear you are enjoying your membership and its perks :)

New York Box

There were several things I liked about this box, looking forward to reading the book. Disappointed that the delivery company didn't deliver to my address, I had to go to Fed Ex to pick it up (no effort on their part). They also take forever to get it here.

SE Nash
On the fence

I really didnt love the Turkey box. I ended up donating most of the products. The NY box was definitely better value (to me). I loved receiving a novel as part of the box. The luggage cover is really nice!! I have 2 more to go as part of my subscription…so haven’t decided if i will be renewing. I also purchased a stand alone box…that i almost completely donated the contents. Maybe it’s not for me…. We will see. I do love the fact that this is a Canadian company.

Hillary Wipperman
Disappointed with recent box

Hello there! Love the concept of travelista, loved my first few boxes Thailand (gift) Mexico, Turkey and New York. Thailand and Mexico were amazing and Turkey was great too. It seems that since you started the different levels of boxes that now those of us who originally signed on and kept the basic level are now getting way more basic items than we originally were when first signing up.

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